Mark Petherbridge


12 Apr 2020

How to Install Elusive Sublime Babel VS Code plugin (3 steps)

Do not fret. You can still install the Sublime Babel Plugin.
23 Mar 2020

Codility Challenge: My Binary Gap Positive Integer Solution (Python)

My solution to the Codility Binary Gap (Positive Integer) task
09 Sep 2019

An Elementary and Slightly Distilled Introduction to Blockchain

Want to get an understanding of how blockchain works? This thorough but easy to understand guide will help you out
23 May 2019

Using Javascript Settimeout() With Promises

A commonly googled problem that people seem to encounter. I thought I'd share my solution
03 Feb 2019

How to Increase Upload Limit for All in One Wp Migration Plugin

A quick and nifty way to increase the All in One Wp Migration Plugin limit so that you can move larger sites without any additional cost